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dozens of protesters were arrested after a all break in a demonstration that happened last died >> yosemite rangers will be looking for of hyper they believe fell over a 317 ft. waterfall >> and there has been a setback in bryan stowe is conditioned and the reward has increase to one of these and more stories when just the second >> more of our top stories this morning how good note this morning it is the weather >> we are talking 90s and
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for a lot of locations around the bay area no problems on the san mateo bridge the fog is pushed back along the coastline mild temperatures as you step outside the door arid >> we're not talking about any freeway and hotspots it is a pretty good at a ride the bridges all look good the a metering lights are still off on the west bound ride. six >> 01 a.m. is police arrested 35 protesters last nine. they are rallying in
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the street over this officer involved shooting that person was harding a parolee from washington state. this is video of their arrest as they were made in on powell street the protest was a scuffle that hurt a photographer she is walking up to take a picture of the police and then she is pushed down she walks up to try and get a close-up shot and then she is not down to the ground person up one person was arrested for having a hammer and a gas mask. two dozen officers
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were on foot they were trying to control the crowd as they marched through the street. not a lot to clean? >> what ever mess there was it is all gone by now we are at 18th and castro if you look at the bank of america there is all whole through that window. protesters grab whatever they could an attack whenever they could and the bank of america would just happen to be one of the targets. this is a normal pickup day for garbage you have no idea at one point hundreds of
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protesters were going through this people have been walking up to me in asking me what happened? >> ken as harding did have that a gunshot residue on his hand that supports reports that he was the first one to fire shots at the officers officer shot back nine times. >> jim rescue rangers will continue the search for one hiker who is believed to of gone over a waterfall. they sought someone walked into the water and go over the falls yesterday afternoon it is a 317 ft. waterfall
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because of the high record snowfall the waters have become rapid and i. >> the borders supervisors voted to increase the rewards from 10,000 to 25,000 for information concerning his beating. he was in prison because of unrelated charges. according to his family's website he was having massive amounts of fluid building up his doctor removed the bone flap that was put in and discovered some kind of
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growth that the doctors had not seen before the growth was removed and the trains are now in place to clipped trained and deployed from his brain. >> the late as off the wire ford is now pickup trucks and suvs it cannot make the turn signals headlights and taillights not to work these are ranger pickup trucks and the f series trucks owners will be notified. dealers will replace all the switches for free six >> 06 a.m. i live look at mt. tam cam and we had can see all the sunshine. the
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we're gonna ec '70s '80s and '90s are around the bay area this is a look of temperatures around the certain spots we will have more on the weather and temperatures in my next report. >> former prime minister get david cameron is being questioned today in front of parliament calends
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excommunication chief who was arrested in connection with the your investigation yesterday was rupert murdoch bought on a hot spring he told parliament that he is ashamed and is not to blame for the scandal he faced three hours of questioning and that is his son james right beside carriehim. someone tried to throw something at murdoch and he was apprehended. >> take a look of this video it is not a storm on
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these videos we will have more on this story. and a look outside will be right back. it's really delicious, mom.
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it is hot here and also in south dakota in this case it is extreme heat that is causing the roads to buckle in 10 different spots in sioux falls their road needs to expand and has nowhere to go the upper. they have their hands full keeping up with this problem.
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>> we have no special heed of pfizer is to tell you about but the next couple days it is going to be not. you may have to contend was of few low clouds as we head into the afternoon the fog is going to push back and we are going to see is sunny all conditions. the fog will return to the coastline later we are seeing '50s and '60s currently. this is a look of temperatures right now. as we move into the
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afternoon is going to get hot this is a look of afternoon temperatures around the bay area. we are expecting 90s and it will be the warmest day of the week. and your seven day forecast we will be warmer again once again tomorrow and then we will start cooling off the
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fog will return and and cooler temperatures saturday and sunday time right now is 6:18 a.m. and traffic >> an accident has been reported on won a one northbound this is at the overpass right here at involves a motorcycle i am seeing traffic begin to back up all little bit we will be watching it pretty closely this would be the first problem of the morning perry the bay bridge and the westbound run the meeting lights might be activated
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san mateo bridge problem free and your ride across the golden gate a little fog forming it might reduce your visibility all little bearing >> caltran will break ground on a project for a zero realigns they're going to start at marsh road and continued down at south won a one to palo alto they will be 3 mi. long that is what
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we are looking it is a project for caltran it will be completed at the end of summer 2012 that is the latest annette >> 6:20 a.m. memorial service are going to be held for the california psychiatrist that was killed in a crash with a shuttle bus and a big rig the funeral mass will be at 10:00 a.m. today at st. agnes catholic church during was held their last night this is pictures of this scene that killed at mack.
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machen 15 other people are riding a shuttle when the shuttle collided with a big rig heading north on octavia boulevard mac was ejected and landed under the big red witnesses at the scene said of the shuttle bus may have run a red light the crashes out still under investigation. >> but army psychiatrist is to be arraigned in military court today this is his first courtroom appearance he will face the death penalty he is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder it is not clear if he will enter a plea today he cannot plead guilty in a death penalty case bear in >> 621 is the time right
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now. there are differing reports every day where is casey anthony. address a spectacular trial that was televised and her release from jail on sunday and since then she has not been same her attorneys say the reports of her being spotted in orlando are not true >> that is not proper that i can confirm i will not say anything further as to her whereabouts that is not her. >> the problem is exactly where she is his private plane had an executive airport belongs to a member of her defense team. the
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latest speculation that she was in palm springs in california right now and also she does not want to take a lie-detector test in during the interview. it is all when the rumor and speculation until we actually see our service >> at 6:23 a.m. we'll look at the national debt will have more on that in just a minute we were taking look at the bay bridge and we will have more when we return.
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we're even are i'll on wall street the government today will list home sales report and we'll see what that has to do with market and apple forecast it is back to form under dollars per share the growth is in due to the large sales of iphone spirit >> they're going to pass a bill on the curb spending the cap capita capital and balae
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past along party lines yesterday president barack obama said he will veto it if it reaches his desk >> a motorcycle accident a could be a fatal crash the biggest and impact will be in the northbound lane in san jose we will give you more information as we receive it.
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watching the opening bell we had a good day yesterday future trading was good all day long and we will see what happens today >> stories we're following today protesters were arrested when they took to the streets yesterday when the officer involved a shooting. we are going to show you more video and the
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aftermath. rangers in u.s. and the national park will behind looking for a hiker who is believed to have gone over the falls the fall is up 317 ft. perry bryan stowe the giants fan hasn't had a setback he had had emergency surgery on monday morning. >> how south, little one a fatal motorcycle crash is in the south bound direction the biggest impact is going to be on the north bound route take look at our san jose camera at the center of hours screen you can see an emergency vehicles there it
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is the right lanes that are blocked. because of that the north bonn ride is suffering we have a backup already at the guadalupe parkway. pieit will take some time for it to clear as the coroner needs to make to the scene. a will back up to the 280 interchange. lanes are blocked in the southbound direction and the back up is building
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>> we're expecting hot weather today '90s in the inland locations where will take a look of your weekend forecast. a complete check of your forecast coming right upper >> police have arrested three protesters this is what happened to people are assaulted a bank vandalized.
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this all happened to a protest about the officer involved shooting last weekend. >> they were protesting what they called police brutality take look at this video it was anything but nonviolent. small bombs were thrown at a muni station in castro. later on in the night after several rest of for a doctor with the center cisco chronicle was thrown down to the ground as you say and it was anything but criticpretty. >> there is all little damage to clean up this
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morning if you come down to 18th and castro they made their way through here and you cannot tell they made their way through here unless you look of the bank of america and see that shattered a window there other than napa either the city or the business people did a wonderful job cleaning up all the mess it is very clean at the time you can see a straight cut sweeper is coming through here right now. people have been coming to me on the street and asking me why am here what went on. ipod foul call into the savages who police department and to find out what they're doing to keep this area safe and what
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charges the arrested people will face. >> with the destruction we start had nothing to do with the case the areas that were involved and the bank atms that were damaged it did make any sense >> a lot of people echo your sentiments he could not believe why they were going through the castro area perr. you come here and destroys all of things we support you maybe they lost some of the rig support by going through here and making such a mess. >> we also have more on the man that was shot san
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francisco police have concluded that kenneth harding he was the land was shot by police officer supports reports that a gunshot residue washed out on his hands he fired or first shot at the officers. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news dianne feinstein overturn the defense of marriage act will take a live on the kron 4 morning news >> as we go to break we look at the big board it started out positive than in just the last few minutes it started turning negative will have more on this report will we return.
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tracking a south bay hot spot traffic is grinding a round in the won a one northbound it is in the southbound lane at trimble road it is not affecting the southbound traffic but the northbound it is already solidly backed ups to the guadalupe park way this is gonna cost you an extra five to 10 minutes. it might be later on in the morning as the commute starts to work through its peak >> two holes were evacuated
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after a car crashed into a fire hydrant and not cause waters to stream into the air. the truck hit the hydrant and water shooting i a hundred feet in the air it took crews three hours to get the water to turn off the houses are being examined for damages. >> more on that hotspot will return
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the accident is located here impact is in the northbound direction the accident is actually at the end of southbound 101 at trimble arid it is the visual hazard and that has created the northbound delays. the delay could be five to 8 minutes avoid that if you want use highway 85 or highway 280. it will continue to grow on the northbound 101. it is a
6:47 am
southbound fatal accident involving a motorcycle. the bay bridge it metering lights have been activated. and now we will check on the weather >> the morning till into san francisco if you're staying in the east bay you will have comfortable temperatures. putting in an afternoon high of 77 and this is a look at temperatures around the bay area still chilean have moving
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this is the exact breakdown of where the numbers will being poorly run this afternoon and you conceive the temperatures vary all longer the bay area. it will
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be a mix of 60s a '70s '80s and '90s. this is the look of your seven day forecast we will have the warming trend of for the next couple of days as they will be the hottest days of the week friday the morning fog returns and bringing with it cooler conditions. >> 6:49 a.m. they may have a key lead into the killing of young woman that was by it was on fire they're more
6:50 am
informations will be released sometime today >> police are expected to release more details in the connection with the killing in the killing of and mormon that was found in the early morning hours. she is a mother of a one-year-old her body was found in the normally quiet what went and neighborhood. police says but the suspect ran from authorities and land to an elementary school campus buried >> in stamford cisco's expand suspected of killing a german tourists have pled not guilty she was killed august 8th in union square police said she was in the crossfire they are still
6:51 am
searching for the eighth suspect >> live pictures into the kron 4 news from a senate hearing getting ready to start ver. >> the government has refused to intelligent we want to protect and to provide for families the law has been difficult for some families to stay together there in in has made it difficult to take care of a loved one and when bad health i think it's
6:52 am
important we set descension relationships and to form a perfect union. in 2000 and vermont took a step and same sex unions. i am inspired by the steps of vermont has taken. i applaud the president's estate decision to do except same-sex
6:53 am
marriages. >> senator feinstein is introducing the bill which defines marriage has only between a man and a woman. i will keep listening to this hearing and we will tell you more back on the news >> we have stocks that are a bit mixed we saw below is gains in yesterday the dow is darden to slip. american airlines' stock is up after they announced they will purchase foreigner and 60 new airlines. the time now is 7:53 a.m. please guys out
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there and we will reread back @p@po'
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>> welcome back, we are tracking a hot spot in san jose, an accident on 101 southbound having the biggest impact on the northbound right that is backed up into downtown san jose. use interstate 280 or highway 88085 as an alternate. the chp on scene with a fatal accident, this will still take a while to clear in to the backup will continue to clear. >> we have a lot more straight ahead. >> one of the big stories is the heat. we will stay on that with the coverage of the weather. let's take you off of the roof on van ness ave. flues guys. it is going to be a hot one, close to 100 in your neighborhood. we will be right
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